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Узнайте об инновационных решениях Gigaset pro, призванных помочь нашим клиентам и партнерам воспользоваться всеми преимуществами наших решений для деловой коммуникации.

Gigaset pro adds new Maxwell 2 to the Maxwell family

Provider of business communications solutions now offers complete IP desktop portfolio

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  • created by Boris Baresic, Channel Marketing Manager at Gigaset pro

The perfect desk is a clean desk

For any office worker, two things are important: having the right tools at his desk, and having the right ones when walking around the office. In...

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‘Landline instead of mobile’: 4 trends in business communications

The world of business communications is changing rapidly. While the worldwide sales of smartphones increases and more and more people use their...

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Why business travelers want this device in their hotel room

How I prefer to communicate with hotels as their guest has changed quite a bit over the last few years. In the past, comfort, luxury and the ability...

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  • created by Ron Cottaar, Marketing Director at Gigaset pro

Telecom in 2020: customer demand, strategy and team spirit

Never before has the corporate telecom market undergone so many developments. Thanks to devices that collaborate across the organization, companies...

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  • created by Juergen Stahl, Project Manager Software at Gigaset pro

The desktop phone: the dashboard for your business

The first thing that meets the eye of any telephone is its designed hardware; the shape, the color. Just like the first impression of  a car. Few...

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  • created by Jan Moser, Senior Product Manager Professional Products

Tablet versus Maxwell 10

When you first see our Maxwell 10, you might think it looks just like a tablet. That’s because at Gigaset pro, we always consider use cases for best...

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  • created by Ron Cottaar, Marketing Director at Gigaset pro

How to Link CTI and CRM for Profit

What do we need to enable basic CTI applications?

The basic technology for CTI has been around for a long time. For example, Telephone Application...

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  • created by Ron Cottaar, Head of Marketing EMEA at Gigaset pro

Hosted and cloud telephony: three challenges every entrepreneur faces

What are the expectations when it comes to hosted and cloud telephony? What about connectivity, and can one single provider even meet the needs of...

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  • created by Norbert Cremer, Senior Manager Product Management at Gigaset

Buy or lease? What end users and resellers should consider

To buy or not to buy? Whether it’s real estate, vehicles or IT and telecommunications assets, every once in a while companies face the decision to buy...

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