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Узнайте об инновационных решениях Gigaset pro, призванных помочь нашим клиентам и партнерам воспользоваться всеми преимуществами наших решений для деловой коммуникации.

Agile product development – why the telecom industry can’t do without

Thomas Hinzmann, head of R&D business customers Gigaset pro

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Packaging in the telecom industry – not just for show

Heinz Schepers, Project Manager Development at Gigaset pro

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  • created by Verena Ueffing, Demand Planner at Gigaset Communication GmbH

Keep your enemies close, but your production closer

The benefits of organizing your production nearby and combined with other departments

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Gigaset pro introduces Unified Communication Suite

Innovative software helps organisations benefit from the power of UC

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Gigaset pro introduces new PBX series: T440 PRO and T640 PRO

New VoIP telecommunication platforms with a flat licensing model provide a highly flexible and cost-effective solution for SMBs

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Maxwell 10 - ‘10 inch Android tablet with (wireless) hook’

The first thing you’ll notice when you unpack the Gigaset pro Maxwell 10 is the enormous amount of extension possibilities. You are able to connect...

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Maxwell 10 - ‘The ultimate office toy for every office manager’

Besides consumer telephones, Gigaset pro also offers various business models. The Maxwell 10 is the most extensive one – a big tablet with a telephone...

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SL750H PRO – 4.5 out of 5 stars

With its SL750H PRO Gigaset pro introduced an alternative for the Gigaset SL400A DECT telephone, for everyone looking for an even more solid telephone...

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Maxwell 10 - ‘Innovation in desktop telephony’

Desktop telephony innovation is rare, but not at Gigaset pro. As soon as you unbox the device, you’ll notice its flexibility. The Maxwell 10 isn’t a...

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