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FУзнайте об инновационных решениях Gigaset pro, призванных помочь нашим клиентам и партнерам воспользоваться всеми преимуществами наших решений для деловой коммуникации.

From distributor to end user, how Gigaset pro supports the market

  • created by Rüdiger Tiebing, Head of Customer Service at Gigaset
  • international news

No one could fail to notice that the telephony market has changed over the last couple of years. Where companies needed analog telephone lines for their phone calls before, everything happens over internet today. This mix of data and telephony means new challenges for telecom companies. For example in the field of service. By now, knowledge about internet and network functionalities is just as important as expertise in devices or analog lines. Organizations, departments and employees turn into service parties instead of simply delivering devices. What does this mean for Gigaset pro serving distributors and resellers on the one side and end users on the other side?

Pre-sales and after-sales support

Since we are quite a new player in the field of business communications, we need to convince all our partners and customers of our quick and excellent service. And resellers play an important role in our service to end customers. That’s why we believe in two different kinds of reseller service: pre-sales and after-sales support. After-sales support is often common property within the telecom market: it starts after the installation of devices at the end customer and includes updates, training and repair services for example. In addition, our technical sales team also provides pre-sales support. Before equipping resellers with the right devices, we dive into their specific request. What kind of project are we talking about? What location needs to be covered? What does the infrastructure look like? How many users are there? Sometimes you have to visit the location to better visualize the request, for example to see if DECT can cover an entire location or not. Altogether, this makes it possible to deliver a complete communications solution – whether it’s a mix of devices or a tailor-made solution.


Service doesn’t stop after delivering a solution. That’s why we also offer a prepaid swap repair service to resellers. In the unlikely event that an end customer device is broken, this is a quick way to replace it. The resellers receives a new or repaired device before the defective device has been returned. This way, they don’t have to wait for the device to be transported, repaired and sent back. Often, a new device can be installed within 24 hours. And the good news is: the swap device doesn’t need to be returned. The defective device is repaired, provided with new housing and reused as new swap device. Convenient for both the reseller and the end customer.

End customers

Since we follow an indirect distribution model, our service is focused on distributors and value added resellers. That’s the reason we offer a local telephone service in almost all our focus countries aimed at these parties. They can call us right away for all their questions. It’s also possible to directly open a ticket via our Salesforce CRM system, which is then forwarded to a second-level, well-trained team of experts. The service isn’t limited to just our devices. We also offer help with problems regarding the network, PBX or third-party products.

However, besides businesses more and more consumers are requesting our business communications devices as well. Take for example our Maxwell 10s, a design telephone with Android operating system. An interesting device for both business users and consumers. But end users directly buying business devices require a different kind of service. Unlike distributors or resellers, they don’t always have enough knowledge about the device to accurately describe their problem via our specific service number. That’s why we started a pilot project to support end customers and answer their questions via all our support channels – from the service number to e-mail and website. It’s working out great, and we are happy that end users find the right support, either via their reseller or via Gigaset.

Feedback as input for the future

The greatest advantage of direct contact with customers is the possibility to receive feedback. And since our service helpdesk is located ten meters from the product department in our factory in Bocholt, Germany, we are able to implement this feedback immediately. Think about technical issues, but also customer suggestions for new features or improved service. Short communication lines between the various departments ensure that customer feedback is not only heard, but also used. And that’s what matters in the end.