Dowiedz się więcej o opracowanych przez Gigaset pro innowacjach oraz biznesowych rozwiązaniach komunikacyjnych, które zapewniają naszym klientom i partnerom szereg korzyści.

4 reasons you would want to work at Gigaset pro

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As the national economies develop and grow after years of budget cutbacks, companies start to look for new talent. With so many options, how do you decide where you would want to work? And which company fits your personal growth path? Take a moment to list the things you value most in your future work environment. Then, compare what you have written down to what we have to offer. 4 reasons why you should consider Gigaset as your new employer.

1: Complete value chain in one company

Gigaset is one of the few electronics manufacturers with its entire company located in Europe. That means you will find the complete value chain in one location, from research & development to the actual production and marketing. Why is that so special, you might wonder. Well, it means you actually get to see the manufacturing of the products you are working with, as the factory is attached to the supporting staff office. After a successful first job interview, we take applicants to the production site and show them around. No chance of such an opportunity in a company with its production facilities in China, for example. Eventually, all products and services are sold throughout local Gigaset companies in more than seventy countries around the globe.

2: Informal, family-like collaboration

As a result of owning the complete value chain on one site, there is a close collaboration amongst the various departments. Gigaset used to be part of Siemens, so we have made a great transformation – from only a factory to a complete company. Therefore, employees automatically – and literally – get closer, allowing for short communication lines and easier interdepartmental collaboration. We are proud that we have developed from a formal corporate culture, in which different departments were silos and people had no idea who their co-workers on other departments were, to an informal organization. Now, people can address other employees with their first names, up to the board. We think it is not about the title on your business card, it is all about what you bring to the company – for the customers and especially for yourself.

3: New business to be developed

The telco market changes quickly. Yes, you do see a lot of our cordless phones in European households. In fact, every second household owns a Gigaset cordless phone. However, both you and I experience different ways of communication nowadays. Although we still increase our market share in the cordless phones field, we started to develop other communication solutions some years ago to grow in profitability. Our focus is on two interesting new areas: business communications under the Gigaset pro brand, and our Gigaset Smart Home solutions – the area of IoT. That means a close collaboration with the research & development department is crucial. And new business areas also mean there still is a lot to be discovered, making room for employees to develop new skills and explore other fields of interest. No wonder we are looking for people who bring a great deal of flexibility. The market determines the pace of change within our company and employees should be able to adapt rapidly. And that makes not a day the same when working at Gigaset.

4: Transparent top-down communications

So there is a lot going on at Gigaset. We try to keep all employees posted about all changes and the plans that have been made for the business behind the products centres – that is cordless phones, Gigaset pro and Gigaset Smart Home. The board organises town hall meetings for all employees, where they announce future plans and throw light on financial figures, for example. Besides, there are international meetings for all sales teams to keep each other in the loop of ongoing business. And the board regularly plans strategy meetings with first- and second-level employees, allowing them to keep their teams up-to-date. In other words, transparency is our motto. Why? We want everybody on board of the Gigaset company to be able to identify with our products and to believe in them. That is what makes our company one.

Does this all sound like a perfect match with your own values? Head to the career section of our website and you just might find an open position that fits your next career step!