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SL750H PRO – 4.5 out of 5 stars

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With its SL750H PRO Gigaset pro introduced an alternative for the Gigaset SL400A DECT telephone, for everyone looking for an even more solid telephone with a sleek design. SL750H PRO is the handset version of the SL750 set. This means it comes without a base station, but with a handset, cradle for recharging, manual and belt clip. There’s no problem connecting to the old SL400A base station at all. Another advantage is the fact that the SL750H PRO is able to receive and show SMS messages. You can also retrieve voicemails directly from the SL750H PRO menu. The battery life is good and call quality is fantastic – Gigaset pro is still the number one brand for DECT telephones. One disadvantage of the SL750H PRO is its storage, 3MB really isn’t enough. However, it’s a good telephone overall.