Volkswagen dealer Zijm upgrades business communication with its trusted partners Gigaset pro and The Voip Company

Customer service is very important for Volkswagen dealer Zijm, this also includes reachability and understandability. The company wanted to switch from various systems that weren't linked, to a new communication system. Gigaset pro offered a solution to cover the building and outdoors with one DECT system, including R630 and R650H portable phones. The results? More reachability and clear conversations.

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Name: Zijm

Founded: 1957

Employers: 51 - 100 employees

Country of origin: Benelux

Industry: Automotive




Release date: November 2016


The hardware

The advantages

  • The various sites are interconnected in the communication network
  • Always coverage in the showroom, at the desk, and outside when in conversation with the customer
  • Digital quality with HD audio creates a perfect base for ultimate speech quality
  • The Maxwell 10 adds a new dimension to interactive product demonstration
  • The system is flexible and easy to program
  • Expandable system that ensures Zijm to be ready for the future


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