Wertheim Co-working space offers 40 flexible and permanent workplaces that can be rented and used - with the IP DECT solution Gigaset N870 you are optimally connected throughout the complete environment

Wertheim is a business and cultural center in the Rhine metropolis of Cologne. The Business Center offers state-of-the-art office, conference and meeting solutions that enable productive and flexible work. As a communication solution, the SaaS cloud solution WIRECLOUD was chosen to take advantage of a flexible but also professional solution. Mobile telephony is always a big challenge in such old buildings with thick walls. For this reason, the Gigaset IP DECT solution N870IP PRO was chosen with the professional handsets from Gigaset. On the one hand, the brilliant voice quality and, on the other hand the disinfectant-resistant surface of the handsets allow flexible use at Wertheim. Easy onboarding and offboarding of tenants, with the hot-desking feature and easy cleaning of the handsets, simplify the rental of the workplace and the telephony as an additional service. Fixed-line telephony, as in the counter area or meeting rooms, was solved with Gigaset Maxwell IP desktop telephones series with additionally Sennheiser EHS and Bluetooth headsets.

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Logo Wertheim


Name: Wertheim Boarding House GmbH

Founded: 2016

Number of workplaces: 40-50

Country of origin: Germany

Industry: Rental




Release date: October 2019


Cloud PBX-solution


The advantages

  • Easy handling during the onboarding and offboarding process
  • Optimum voice quality on all seven levels thanks to professional DECT measurement
  • Hygienic thanks to disinfectant-resistant handsets
  • Deep and easy integration into the WIRECLOUD PBX through autoprovisioning
  • Easy implementation of additional devices and users
  • Flexible use both at the office workplaces and in the meeting apartments
  • EHS and Bluetooth headsets from Sennheiser on the desktop and mobile phones


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