Pon equips six Audi dealerships with Gigaset pro communication tools

Sales processes have recently changed quite a lot for Pon Dealer Groep. Contact with clients is shifting from showroom visits to phone calls and online contact. Interactivity is crucial for a successful sales process. And that’s why Pon Dealer Groep chose – next to a number of DECT handsets - the Gigaset pro Maxwell 10. With the new communication solution, they are always available for customers. In addition to general telephone features, the device offers many extra features, such the Audi car-configurator, as e-mail, video calling, internet access and more.

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Name: Pon Dealer Groep

Founded: 1931

Employers: 201 - 500 employees

Country of origin: Benelux

Industry: Automotive




Release date: January 2017


The hardware

The advantages

  • Customers approaching car-dealers in a new way. Improved interaction to customer needs
  • The various sites are connected in one telephone network
  • Reachable at the office, showroom and outside on the car-grounds
  • Always ready for the customer - battering fully charged and enjoy long standby time
  • No loss of quality, conversations and no errors in the telephony network
  • The Maxwell 10 adds a new dimension to interactive product demonstration


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