Dorint Hotel introduces Maxwell 10 from Gigaset pro as a cutting edge of innovation for their guests

Hotel guests want to experience the comforts of home and work wherever they go. From booking a hotel room online, to searching for suitable restaurants in the neighbourhood and reviewing hotels: just like other trades, digitization is indispensable in the tourism industry. This also applies to Dorint Hotel in Oberursel, close to Frankfurt and its airport. The hotel welcomes business guests almost every day. With the Maxwell 10 from Gigaset pro, Dorint Hotel provides them with all modern conveniences – from room service and wellness to the local weather forecast and booking of a taxi. It all comes together in versatile Maxwell.

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Name: Dorint Hotel Frankfurt-Oberursel

Founded: 2016

Employers: 51 - 250 employees

Country of origin: Germany

Industry: Hospitality




Release date: June 2017


Software solution

Betterspace GmbH

The advantages

  • The hotel guests feel at home because of the high level of service integration
  • Booking of services through one device
  • All information is digitally available, hychiene is central.
  • Clear and intuitive operation
  • Up-to-date information at all times in every hotel room
  • Optimal digital communication between hotel and guests


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