Gigaset N720 IP PRO

Designed to scale

Reliable and ready to grow

Perfect for growing organisations or to cover larger sites, each Gigaset N720 IP PRO system can support up to 100 DECT handsets, 30 parallel calls and allows up to 30 base stations to be easily connected to extend coverage and number of users.

The N720 IP PRO also supports both on-premise and cloud based PBX’s to offer flexible communication for growing businesses. The N720 IP PRO system is the ultimate system to support your Gigaset pro handsets anywhere in your office.  

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N720 IP PRO in the business

In the steel industry

EMC Conception enjoys greater efficiency and productivity plus more growth. With the IP PBX end-to-end system from Gigaset pro.

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In the gardening sector

Frosts selects Gigaset pro to grow its communication coverage and trim back costs

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In the agriculture sector

Vitmat chooses Gigaset pro to increase effectiveness and responsiveness, by using an efficient telephone system.

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Freedom of movement

Designed to work with the entire Gigaset pro handset range offering roaming and handover of the calls for each handset at the desired location for offices or extended outdoor sites.


Easy expansion

Uncomplicated expansion by simply increasing the number of base stations each offering up to 100 users, 30 parallel calls with up to 30 base stations without the need for additional licences.



The office is covered in cordless in any angle

HD quality audio

Supports advanced Gigaset HDSPTM HD-audio and HD-voice technology for clearest possible sound quality.


Seamless installation

Compatible with standard IP phone networks with remote administration function to allow rapid service activation and configuration changes.


Extended cordless range

With a multiple set of N720 IP PRO satellites, you can create a complete cordless communication systems to cover a large site or multiple floors.


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Gigaset N720 IP PRO

Designed to scale

DECT IP multicell system supporting up to 100 handsets
Easy access via IP connection from a web browser for full configuration and remote management options
Form factor
Polymer shell with matt finish
DECT manager supporting up to 30 N720 IP base stations.
1x 100Mb LAN to connect to IP PBX (on-premise or hosted) or IP provider.
Power supply and battery
Power-Over-Ethernet or 220v power adaptor
Operating system and applications
Gigaset operating system and built-in applications
In the box
  • Device
  • Security leaflet
Management and user features
Web based configuration and support for remote auto-provisioning compatible with both cloud based telephony services and on-premise telephone system.
Supporting up to 100 devices
2 years
Interop and provisioning
This device is compatible and supports auto-provisioning via many cloud and on premise networks