Success Story

Vitmat chooses Gigaset pro to increase effectiveness and responsiveness, by using an efficient telephone system.

Vitmat has been based in the Vosges region of France for 20 years and supports stockbreeders when setting up facilities and in their day-to-day work. Vitmat provides support with constructing specialized buildings and supplies and maintains milking equipment. Stockbreeding is a highly-regulated day-to-day business and one of the secrets of success for Vitmat is being as responsive as possible when its clients get in touch.

An increase in business meant that the capacity of the existing telephone system had been exceeded. Vitmat therefore needed a more efficient system to support the company’s development and enable employees to respond to clients as quickly as possible.

A tailor-made comprehensive communication system based on the Gigaset pro communication platform: “Satisfaction and support are the hallmarks of our relationship with Gigaset pro”


Name: Vitmat

Founded: 1990

Employers: 11 - 50 employees

Country of origin: France

Industry: Agriculture




Release date: September 2016

The hardware

  • 2013 system: T300 PRO + Card 4x T0 + 7x SL610H PRO + 3x DE410 IP PRO + DE900 IP PRO + N720 DM PRO + 3x N720 IP PRO + 2x ZY900 + 5 licences.
  • In November 2014, Vitmat decided to switch from the DE900 IP PRO to Maxwell 10.
  • The performance of the company’s telephones and communication system as a whole has improved significantly compared with the previous Alcatel system.

The advantages

  • Easy to use > More responsive
  • Option of transferring incoming calls to the mobile phones of the duty technicians.
  • Vitmat’s CCTV system has been integrated into Maxwell 10.
  • Integration of the door opening system into Maxwell 10.
  • Performance has been significantly enhanced.
  • More responsive > increased client satisfaction

The challenge

The previous telephone system was hindering the development of Vitmat’s business. The company had more clients and co-workers and therefore more calls. Call waiting times before being connected to the right person were long and the existing telephones made it difficult to transfer calls.
 It is vital that Vitmat does not miss any calls and can deal with a client with a milking equipment failure within an hour of receiving their call 24/7, as a large segment of the company’s business is repairing milking equipment.

Vitmat therefore needed a telephone system able to handle a larger number of calls and offering extra features such as call transferring and automatic call forwarding, while being user-friendly so that it would be very quickly adopted by the users.

The solution

Having firstly pinpointed Vitmat’s requirements and the precise areas in which the company wished to improve its infrastructure, Gigaset Pro suggested an efficient tailor-made single platform containing several communication tools.

The most important role for the new telephone system was to facilitate handling of the large number of client calls that the Vitmat team needs to transfer every day. All the company’s telephones were therefore changed. The team can now divert a call from a landline to the mobile phone of a technician who is out on a call, which was impossible using the old system. The caller is therefore quickly connected to the right person: a client issue can now be addressed within half an hour, saving a significant amount of time and increasing client satisfaction.

One of the features of the new system has been specially set up for Vitmat. The telephone system is connected to a speaker in the warehouse, enabling the office team to make an announcement to several people without having to physically go to the warehouse, thus increasing efficiency.

The Gigaset Pro also facilitates work at Vitmat by incorporating several building automation features. Its connected door module enables some of the company’s doors to be opened remotely and some buildings to be remotely monitored, with Vitmat's two CCTV systems being linked up to the Gigaset Maxwell 10.

The Gigaset Pro solution makes for more efficient communication, both in-house and with clients, while offering advanced building automation features, all via a single interface. All of the recommended telephones were firstly presented in detail so as to give the client a clear and precise overview of the products with regard to product ease-of-use, performance, design and the quality of the finishes. The set-up process was rounded off by on-site user training to enable them to gain a good grasp of the system as quickly as possible.

A tailor-made comprehensive communication system based on the Gigaset Pro communication platform: “Satisfaction and support are the hallmarks of our relationship with Gigaset”, explains Mr Di Giacomo, CEO of SAM Informatique, France.

The hardware

The new Gigaset Pro system offers wireless coverage of the site and makes for a flexible working environment for the Vitmat teams, who can now be contacted throughout the company’s premises.
The Maxwell 10 has a HD 10.1” touch screen with a fully personalisable interface offering a fresh vision of what a telephone system is all about, by providing access to content such as a shared calendar, the CCTV system and the site’s building automation features.

Seven DECT SL610H Pro cordless handsets offering exceptional sound quality and long battery life have also helped to create a truly flexible working environment. The handsets are connected to three DECT N720 IP Pro base stations which enable the Vitmat teams to move around the company’s premises without interrupting their phone calls and without compromising on sound quality, from the warehouse to the admin department.

Incoming call handling has also been simplified by the deployment of three IP DE410 IP PRO terminals. These telephones offer a user-friendly interface which made them easy to understand. The changeover to the new system was smooth. Users said that they felt valued as a result of the installation of the new system. Vitmat decided to add two ZY700 extension modules offering 14 programmable function keys in order to maximize the user-friendliness of its new system.

Finally, to manage the new communication system and deliver all the telephone services required by Vitmat (greeting and call transfer, hold music, conference call service, landline/ mobile convergence) a T300 Pro communication platform was installed.

The conclusion

The new Gigaset Pro telephone system is part of a general overhaul of how Vitmat is organized and has played a major role in delivering the responsiveness required by its business model. Vitmat needs to be contactable 24/7 in order to offer its clients optimum support. And thanks to mobile-landline connectivity, Vitmat technicians can now be contacted wherever they are, which enables incoming calls to be more effectively handled. The system even enables incoming night-time calls to be transferred to the mobile phones of the duty technicians and to satisfy client requirements at any time.

“We have between 1,200 and 1,500 clients who may request a callout in a 100km radius of the company. If one of them is unable to contact the company when they experience a breakdown, they will have no qualms about going to the competition, whatever the day or time. It is therefore absolutely vital that we have a responsive telephone system tailored to the inherent constraints of our business. The Gigaset Pro solution is enabling us to focus once again on our core business. The communication system is a tool enabling us to be productive and communicate as fluidly as possible. I would feel lost without my Maxwell system!” Patricia Mathis, Vitmat CEO.

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