Success Story

UNICEF chooses VoIP telephony – reachable by phone, always and everywhere

Moving to another building in another city? That requires a lot of preparation and organisation for companies. The United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund UNICEF knows all about it. Recently, the organisation moved to a new building in The Hague. Desks had to be moved at the last moment, office devices had to be prepared for moving and last but not least, the telephone system had to be transferred to the new location. Everything as efficiently as possible, to guarantee UNICEF was up and running as fast as possible. IconneCT4u, a provider of communications solutions, implemented a VoIP solution at the new location and took care of the transfer.

‘The cooperation between IconneCT4u and Gigaset pro made this implementation a success story’


Name: unicef

Founded: 1946

Employers: 10,001+ employees

Country of origin: Benelux

Industry: Nonprofit Organization Management




Release date: July 2016

The hardware

  • Gigaset pro DECT system with twelve base stations and one hundred handsets. Gigaset R650H, S650H and SL750H

The advantages

  • Optimal audio quality
  • Flexible in up or down scaling
  • Quality control
  • Remote control

The challenge

To move from an office with various closed spaces in Voorburg to an open office with three floors and hot desks to work flexibly in The Hague, UNICEF called upon IconneCT4u’s services. Annejan Bos, founder of IconneCT4u: “UNICEF has been our client for quite some time now. At the old location in Voorburg the organisation worked with an ISDN PBX with only desk phones and Tele2 lines. In the new building UNICEF wanted to work flexibly – only the location of the reception desk was fixed. This required mobile DECT devices instead of desktop telephones. UNICEF’s availability by phone was of big importance. The media often approach the organisation and UNICEF wants to speak to them adequately.”

Hygiene was another important condition of the new telephone solution. “Employer research showed that employees didn’t really like desktop phones. Working flexibly at hot desks means that nobody has his or her own device and everybody is working with a different telephone daily. Employees didn’t like that from a hygienic point of view, so we looked for another solution for the new location”, says Bos.

The solution

IconneCT4u implemented a VoIP solution at UNICEF, consisting of a Gigaset pro DECT system with twelve base stations and one hundred handsets, combined with the existing 3CX PBX. “We partially fixed the PBX in the old building. Among others, we already transferred the intelligence and various menus to the new VoIP system. We transferred the actual calling only after moving to the new building. In the past, we implemented the system at a care hotel, so we already knew the combination worked perfectly.” The solution turned out to be a success. Because a part of the PBX was already transferred in the old building, the migration went smoothly. “That’s the advantage of a cloud based PBX, you easily switch between locations. We installed the system in the old building, where we fixed the growing pains and introduced employees to the system. After a couple of months, the move took place. Everything was transferred in no time and employees already were familiar with the telephone system. How great is that?”

Cooperating with Gigaset pro was an easy choice for IconneCT4u, not only because of the good price/quality ratio and the high-quality design, says Bos. “For years, we have been cooperating with Gigaset pro, and we already implemented Gigaset pro products in similar situations – so it was an easy choice. We already had the expertise, and Gigaset pro supported us perfectly. When we encountered certain problems during implementation of the solution, Gigaset pro assisted us in a pleasant way by logging into the system remotely. This way, the problem was solved quickly. It’s the cooperation that turned this implementation into a real success story.”

The advantages

With the new VoIP solution, UNICEF benefits from various advantages. For example, a strongly improved audio quality but also remote control: “The customer is able to partially do the management himself, like creating groups or changing names. Besides, UNICEF has a service contract: if desired we perform certain management tasks. In about ninety percent of the cases we can do that remotely, saving a lot of time and money.”

The hygiene issues were also solved quickly. “The solution makes it possible to work flexibly with your own device. We placed recharge shelves at the UNICEF reception desk, where employees pick up their personal device every morning. At the end of the day they hand in their device to recharge it. This way, everybody works in a mobile way with his or her own handset.” An additional advantage for UNICEF is that the VoIP system enables quality control. “Contributor calls are redirected to an extern call centre, but UNICEF is able to ‘tap’ into the conversations to control the quality and use the conversations for training purposes.”

The conclusion

IconneCT4u looks back on a pleasant cooperation. “In the past, we mainly bought separate DECT handsets at Gigaset pro, but now the company offers a wireless system and we are able to offer our clients a complete business solution. An additional advantage is the fact that people recognise the name Gigaset from their private handsets, resulting in a certain kind of enthusiasm for the brand. This makes it easier for us to sell a telephone solution.”

UNICEF looks into the future with confidence. Lex Kok, UNICEF: “Whether we are scaling up or down, we are always assured of the right VoIP solution. Scaling up is very easy, we don’t have to ask for extra telephone lines for more capacity or buy additional licenses or hardware. The system adapts to our organisation, also when it’s scaling down.”

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