Success Story ensures crystal clear audio quality with Gigaset pro

Since 2015, has been a VoIP provider for clients in various industries. Thanks to the electronic equipment of eForm Solutions, provider of services such as IT Consulting, IT Services, IT Support and IT Cloud, is able to offer consumers and businesses smart and affordable VoIP solutions. Over the last couple of years, has tried many communications devices from various telecom providers to accompany its VoIP solution. However, it turned out that none of the systems really fulfilled the company’s needs. After an extensive search, finally found an optimal telecom partner in Gigaset pro.

The reason? The high functionality of the Gigaset pro devices and simple set-up of answering machines and call lists.



Founded: 2001

Employers: 21-50 employees

Country of origin: Switzerland

Industry: IT Services




Release date: July 2017

The advantages

  • Optimal voice quality supports any call - noise is suppressed, voice is enhanced
  • Operation of the handsets is easy to everyone, without training - User-friendliness
  • Crystal clear calls because of HD Audio
  • Prepared for future growth - Scalable solution

The challenge

Voice quality is an important, if not to say crucial, element of a communication solution. Something that Rigilink also fully endorses. Andreas Meli, founder of “At the beginning of 2016, we switched our hosted proposition to Kwebbl’s easy-to-use communications solution because we were experiencing stability and security issues with our old solution. Unfortunately, after the migration the voice quality of our old systems became an issue. At that point, Kwebbl strongly advised us to only work with Gigaset pro devices.”

The solution

With the help of eForm Solutions, switched all its consumer DECT base stations to the Gigaset pro N510 IP PRO base stations, combined with the SL750 PRO handsets in the radio are of the entire VoIP system. The switch to the new combination of base station and handset had an enormously positive impact on the voice quality, since the SL750H PRO offers outstanding call clarity using HD Voice and Audio and microphone reflection wave technology.

The advantages

But the improved voice quality isn’t the only advantage. “The N510 supports up to six SIP accounts, six handsets and four simultaneous calls, and is therefore a powerful scalable communication base station for productive offices that are ready to grow. Additionally, the Automatic Provisioning feature means simple and user-friendly set-up of the base stations.”

The conclusion

After testing a lot of different products, Rigilink has now found the perfect product for its end users. “This case proves how important it is to really analyze customer demands. Thanks to a combination of eForm Solutions’ IT services, Kwebbl’s communication platform and Gigaset pro’s devices, we are able to offer end users an all-in-one communication solution.” In the end, is very satisfied with the new solutions. “The devices work perfectly and meet all of our requirements, with a call quality that’s both clear and error-free, while the handsets offer all required advanced functionalities. As an experienced telecom professional, I can advise all business telephony users to switch to the combined proposition of Kwebbl and Gigaset pro. I’m sure end users will be amazed by the user-friendliness and high quality telephony and UC solution. I’ll be glad to inform you in person!”

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