Success Story

Retail chain Mitra chooses new communications solution XRC services using NXT® Voice and Gigaset pro communications solutions.

In July 2016, Mitra – a major player in the beverage world and active since 1974 – announced a restart after its bankruptcy. With 120 businesses and about 145 liquor stores Mitra is taken over by wholesaler De Monnik Dranken. It’s the perfect moment to address the current telephony systems. Despite the setbacks, Mitra chose to professionalise its automation. XRC Services – full-service supplier of advice, hardware, software and (installation) services on the IT and communications field in retail – delivered a professional solution, together with Smart Cloud Communications platform Kwebbl and Gigaset pro – provider of innovative unified communications solutions for businesses.

Liquor store chain seizes restart to professionalise automation


Name: Mitra Retail BV

Founded: 2016

Employers: 501 - 1000 employees

Country of origin: Benelux

Industry: Retail




Release date: January 2017


The hardware

The advantages

  • Great availability
  • One single, extra secured network
  • Easy installation thanks to auto provisioning
  • Free phone calls between head offices and branches
  • Two year warranty on products

The challenge

A good communications solution is of great importance in retail. One likes to be available on quiet days while calls should be transferred to the right third parties on busy days – keeping instore employees’ hands free. Flexibility also plays its part. When a sales person walks towards the warehouse with his wireless phone to check the supply for a calling customer, the reach and audio quality over there have to be optimal. But as store warehouses usually include metal constructions, this is not always the case with every DECT handset. Dave Spijker, CEO at XRC services Group: “For Mitra, a combination of the right products and software was of great importance. The organisation wasn’t looking for just a handset, they wanted a professional communications solution to grow with the company."

The solution

Eventually a solution was chosen which integrated the internet network – purchased at NXTcom®, the subsidiary of XRC services and active as a European Internet Service Provider –  with the telephony of the liquor store chain. Private xDSL connections from NXTcom® were installed in the stores so the entire organisation, from head office to stores, now uses one single solution. René Nuiver, accountmanager XRC services for Mitra: “We've integrated the retail network we set up for Mitra with the NXT® Voice Hosted PBX telephony system. Regarding telephony we chose a complete DECT environment with Gigaset pro devices, that enables mobile working. Also, some Maxwell 3 handsets were placed at the Mitra head office for the permanent office staff. Thanks to the auto provisioning of the devices and the NXT® Voice platform certification of the entire Gigaset pro portfolio, the equipment was easily installed on site.” 

The advantages

The advantages The combination of the NXTcom® datanetwork, chosen by XRC services, the NXT® Voice platform network and the Gigaset pro devices, offers Mitra several advantages. For example the opportunity to purchase XRC services Group services at a fixed monthly price, which isn’t possible at many other providers. A big plus for a chain like Mitra in financially difficult times. Also in terms of security. Because the XRC services network uses one single network for both telephony and data via NXTcom®, everything stays in one network environment. This way, Mitra uses telephony connections outside of the public internet. Security wise this is a big advantage, since the company won’t be exposed to attacks coming from the public internet, listening in or any other form of cybercrime. Updates of the Gigaset pro devices take place through the NXT® Voice platform as well and are extra secure. In fact, this means one big intranet, but a scalable one. Up and down scaling and even expansion abroad are possible.

The use of a single network offers other benefits. For instance, Mitra’s existing telephone numbers are transferred to the network realised by XRC services, through the NXT® Voice platform network. This way all local branches can be reached for free internally. One also contacts the head office free of charge.

The Conclusion

With the new communications solution Mitra fully controls its hosted situation. Thanks to the security and usability the chain is ready for the future. All in all the integration at Mitra is a perfect example of the importance of a good collaboration between a retail expert, an Internet Service Provider, a telecom platform and the right devices. The combination of good personal relationships between all parties and the high quality products and service, guarantees a successful implementation and a satisfied customer. This way one meets the needs of today’s users: an all-in-one solution instead of ‘just’ a telephone.

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