Success Story

EMC Conception enjoys greater efficiency and productivity plus more growth. With the IP PBX end-to-end system from Gigaset pro.

The company EMC Conception consists of a motivated, dynamic team of highly qualified engineers, technicians and technical draughtsman. The company has state-of-the-art, high performance IT tools such as 3D and 2D CAD; hydraulics and fluids at its disposal – the perfect basis to meet the specific needs of its customers from individual planning to efficient implementation and start-up of machines.

The old telephone system was totally out of date. In order to ensure the smooth flow of key business processes and thus the company’s ability to master future challenges EMC Conception needed a complete new telephone system.


Name: EMC Conception

Founded: 2010

Employers: up to 10 employees

Country of origin: France

Industry: Steel industry




Release date: September 2015

The hardware

  • PBX T500, as there were two physically separate corporate divisions on one site.
  • T500 PRO + 4T0 + (10 + 8 users) + 2x DE900 + DE310 + 2x DE410 IP PRO +10 x SL610H PRO + 3x R630H PRO + 4 x N720 IP PRO + N720 DM PRO (the 2 x DE900 to be upgraded to Maxwell 10)
  • The performance of the telephones was significantly better than that of the old ones which the company was using. This also included the scalability of their installation using all the existing functions of the iPBX system.

The advantages

  • Ensuring of a smooth business process
  • Increased range and coverage
  • No additional but rather integrated functions
  • Training to allow users to benefit from all the functions
  • Future-proof investment in state-of-the art iPBX technology
  • Significant increase in performance
  • Noticeable time and cost savings
  • Significant simplification of work for users
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Better service quality for callers, e.g. thanks to the announcement before answering; music while on hold during internal call forwarding; etc.
  • Increased customer satisfaction

The challenge

The outdated telephone system was increasingly acting as a brake on the smooth flow of business. The range of the old cordless telephones was, for example, no longer enough to provide coverage of the extensive mechanical workshops which were continuing to grow in size as the company became more successful. In addition to this, the handsets in use were not user-friendly.

As a result it was not possible to take advantage of even the few functions they offered since the users did not have the required training. EMC Conception’s objective was to invest in a new, future proof telephone system which performed better than their old Alcatel system.

Above all EMC Conception wanted ergonomic telephones with functions which were not additional but rather integrated, such as call forwarding/call diversion; programming of the mailbox and announcement before answering; etc. Another particularly important aspect was that users should be given training on how to operate these new telephones.

The solution

In order to prove the advantages of modern Gigaset pro PBX telephone systems to EMC Conception, we made in-depth presentations of the recommended telephones to the users. This allowed the customer both to form their own impression of the performance capability, user-friendliness and look of the handsets as well as also to examine them in detail.

Within the scope of this presentation we gave an undertaking to give all users professionally organized training on how to operate the telephones, thus enabling them to also benefit from all the functions available. The secretary responsible for taking incoming calls was, for example, able to test for herself the web interface which would make her work easier and, in particular, save her a significant amount of time.

The end-to-end solution for EMC Conception included, among other things, the T500 PRO IP telephone system and the optimally compatible N720 DECT IP Multicell system, consisting of the N720 IP PRO base station and the N720 DM PRO DECT manager. The seamless handover and roaming features of this solution guaranteed interference-free communications throughout the company’s extensive premises. The solution package for EMC Conception was primarily made up of the following products and services.

»Thanks to the innovative, reliable solutions offered by Gigaset pro we were able to develop a modern, individually tailored office communications system for our client EMC Conception.«
Mr DI Giacomo, CEO SAM Informatique, France

The hardware

»We needed a DECT solution capable of handover. Gigaset pro made the difference and enables our employees to have clear conversations throughout the office. We are delighted with the solution. It meets all our needs in full and is totally integrated into our environment. We are now looking forward to discovering Maxwell 10 which will allow us to integrate new apps into our commutations process.«
Predrag Kalusevic, General Manager EMC Concecption

The conclusion

The poor performance and outdated functions of a telephone system can cause a multitude of problems, such as loss of production; higher costs; competitive disadvantages; the dissatisfaction of employees and customers and much more besides. This can have drastic consequences for both small and large companies. A state-of-the-art telephone system will provide every company with a significant increase in efficiency and greater profitability. It allows the company to fully focus on its core business. Full equipping with state-of-the-art Gigaset pro devices which were custom-designed to meet the growing company’s specific requirements was the right choice for EMC Conception in all regards.

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