Success Story

A central telephone system solution complete with flexible handsets for Boels Rental

Boels Rental is one of the most respected plant and machinery hire companies in Europe. Its four hundred branches in nine countries (the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy and Slovakia) hire out mainly construction machinery. The company also specializes in tool, unit and catering and event equipment hire and has Boels Rental outlets at 1,800 DIY stores in the Netherlands.

Boels switched from locally organized phone systems to a single central telephone system. To ensure a high-quality telephone service experience the branches needed new handsets.


Name: Boels RENTAL

Founded: 1977

Employers: 1001 - 5000 employees

Country of origin: Benelux

Industry: Rental




Release date: July 2015

The hardware

  • Gigaset S510H PRO handsets
  • Gigaset N510H PRO base stations

The advantages

  • Employees are more flexible than when working with desk phones.
  • Robust handsets are able to withstand the semi-industrial working environment.
  • Handsets can be used all day without needing to be recharged.
  • Gigaset pro products operate efficiently with Boels’ existing PBX.
  • Fluid combination of analog and VoiP phone systems.

The challenge

In the past Boels organized its phone systems locally, with each branch handling its own incoming calls. The main problem with this was that many calls got lost. People had to answer the phone while carrying out other tasks, so sometimes there was no one available. There were also a lot of calls between branches in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and other countries. The aim was to reduce the cost of these international calls.

So, not long ago, the company installed a central phone system at its head office in Sittard in the Netherlands. Now incoming calls not answered by a local branch – either in the Netherlands or another country – are redirected to the call centre at the head office.

The switch from an analog system to VoiP (SIP) included a requirement for new handsets able to withstand the rigors of a semi-industrial working environment. The new handsets also had to give the staff more flexibility and freedom. The ratio of desk telephones to cordless handsets in each branch was 3:2. This needed to be reversed.

The solution

Boels drew up a list of criteria that the new handsets had to meet, with robustness at the top of the list. Size was also important: the phones had to be easily portable. Boels also wanted user-friendly handsets with a large battery capacity.

The supplier of the PBX at Boels, Unify, compiled a list of phone systems that were compatible with the new central solution. Boels then determined which of these systems met its requirements. Because the company had been working with Gigaset pro for many years to its complete satisfaction – also in terms of the price/quality ratio – this was the system it chose.

TechWare supplied the company’s one hundred branches in the Netherlands with Gigaset N510 IP PRO base stations and Gigaset S510H PRO handsets. The same phone system will be installed in the branches in Germany and Belgium. It will also gradually be introduced in the other European countries in which Boels operates.

The advantages

“I am delighted that we followed Gigaset pro’s proactive advice to switch to new base stations and handsets. Our single central solution uses the latest technology.”
Robert de Ridder, Telecom Manager at Boels

“The S510H PRO handsets are able to withstand intensive use, both in the office and outside in the yard. Their handy size also means that they can easily be carried around.  The battery lasts all day: from the moment the branch opens in the morning to when it closes at the end of the day. These handsets are absolutely ideal for a business such as ours.”
Robert de Ridder, Telecom Manager at Boels

The conclusion

The Gigaset S510 handsets are the right choice for Boels. The phones can easily be carried around all day, from the moment the doors open in the morning to when they close at the end of the day. The handsets are also robust enough to withstand the impact of the semi-industrial working environment in which Boels operates. The phone system makes it easy to facilitate a smooth transition from an analog system to VoiP. When it comes to telephone calls, Boels is prepared for the future.

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