Success Story

Purposive communication by AVICT at Rock Werchter Rockvillage terrain with Gigaset Pro.

Rock Werchter is well-known in Belgium and a number of other countries. But before those tens of thousands visitors enter the terrain for four days of musical performances, a lot of preparation has been done. This includes preparing Rockvillage, where festival visitors can go when they don’t want to stay at a campsite or hotel. This area contains chalets and lodges, and a variety of luxury, such as a lounge terrace, jacuzzis, a sauna, an outdoor pool and a gastronomic à la carte restaurant. And, most importantly, Wi-Fi. Glen Vandevenne and his company AVICT were responsible for the Wi-Fi connection in 2016. He also provided the network for the payment systems, camera security and – a first for Rockvillage – a telephony internet connection. Which is where the Gigaset pro R650H devices came in.

“The Gigaset pro R650H devices are perfect for a successful event.”



Founded: 2015

Employers: up to 10 employees

Country of origin: Benelux

Industry: Information Technology and Services




Release date: December 2016


The hardware

  • Gigaset pro N510 base station and four R650H devices.

The advantages

  • Full-duplex communication
  • Long-range devices
  • Selective communication and conference option
  • LED alerts and vibrate mode
  • Built-in flashlight
  • Robust devices, designed to withstand any weather conditions

The challenge

Many employees at festivals and other events still use the good old walkie-talkie to communicate. During the set-up, for example. Has the Wi-Fi been connected there? Could you check the connection in the back? And during the event itself: help, we’ve got an issue with camera security. Or: is this person cleared to enter the terrain? Walkie-talkies are useful when you want to communicate quickly, but AVICT has discovered some downsides in the past. “The biggest problem is that when it comes to walkie-talkies, full-duplex communication is not possible,” he said. “This means that the sender and receiver cannot listen and talk at the same time, although that is what you’re used to when you use a phone. And that often results in miscommunication.”

Another issue with walkie-talkies is that you can’t communicate one-on-one. “Imagine, there is a problem with IT. Sometimes, you don’t want everyone to know. But because all employees are on the same channel, everyone can hear your message – including those it doesn’t apply to. Or festival visitors who are standing near an employee. This could be a big problem in the case of sensitive information. So when it comes to communication at an event location such as Rockvillage, there were quite a few things that could be improved.”

The solution

Glen took a few Gigaset pro R650H devices and an N510 base station to Rockvillage. He wanted to use these to make sure that his two-man company would be available even when they weren’t at the office. “I wanted to bring my office’s fixed line to my work station at Rockvillage,” Glenn said. “Because that is VoIP’s main advantage – using the same phone number, you simply plug in at another location, and it works! This makes you very flexible. In addition, the N510 base station is long-range, which sufficient for my operations. Another advantage of internet telephony is that it provides better voice quality. And that is quite a plus for noisy events,”

That is how Glenn came up with the idea to replace the walkie-talkies with the Gigaset pro devices. Each of the freelancers he hired to work for him during the event were given a device.

The advantages

People responded well to the Gigaset pro devices. “The limitations caused by communication via walkie-talkies, such as a lack of full-duplex communication, are no longer an issue when you use VoIP telephony,” says Glenn. “With these devices it was finally possible to speak and listen at the same time, and people were able to communicate selectively. If we needed to confer internally on the Wi-Fi network, for example, or the camera security on the terrain, we were able to do so very effectively.”

Glenn believes the R650H features prove very useful for an event like this. “We are talking about a very robust device, that can withstand some rough handling. Which is handy in case you drop it. And if the terrains gets a little muddy due to rain, that’s not a problem either. The R650H is very easy to clean. And thanks to its IP65 rating, it is even waterproof. This goes for rain, but means you can also rinse it in water in case it has gotten dirty. The built-in LED light also proved very useful at night.”

The conclusion

What started as a spontaneous idea, resulted in a big success. Glenn is very confident about the future with Gigaset pro. “This experiment has worked out really well, so I’m planning on using this concept in the future. We are currently working with AVICT to set up a new company label, called EVENTNETWORKS.BE. This label focuses on events, fairs and congresses. We offer all of our services – such as Wi-Fi networks, camera security and VoIP systems – on location. We make sure the devices have a robust, event-proof casing. And the robust Gigaset pro R650H devices are perfect for events like these. We cannot wait for the new festival season.”

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