Success Story

247TailorSteel uses Gigaset pro for cost-effective and hassle-free communications

247TailorSteel bv has been operating in the sheet steel industry for more than 35 years. The company has always been in the forefront of technology. In 1978, it deployed its first laser cutting machine. Today, 247TailorSteel uses six kW laser machines, six fibre laser cutting machines and one Adige tube laser cutting machine to produce customer orders on a 24x7 basis. Customers can enter orders 24 hours a day which are processed in a highly automated way, based on customer specifications. Thanks to automation, 247TailorSteel has been able to create optimal efficiency, allowing for better quality and competitive prices, compared to China and Eastern European countries. The company is regarded as a frontrunner in the field of Smart Industry.

As a partner of Smart Industry, 247TailorSteel has put in place innovations in its own IT environment, which allows for optimum support of business processes.


Name: 247TailorSteel

Founded: 1978

Employers: 21-50 employees

Country of origin: Netherlands

Industry: Steel industry




Release date: June 2017

The advantages

  • Full-duplex communications
  • Even in a steel environment, magnificent range and speech-quality
  • Excellent, noise-free range in all halls
  • Selective communications and conferencing
  • Robust devices, resistant to bumps and scratches

The challenge

In 2015, 247TailorSteel experienced a substantial growth. It became clear that its current telephony platform has reached its maximum capacity. The company hired Clear ICT in Doetinchem to determine how it could improve internal and external communications. Clear ICT had to address the challenge of guaranteeing clear connections in an environment with many steel constructions. The new systems also had to be robust and sustainable. Clear ICT performed a DECT test and advised to switch to the Gigaset pro portfolio for base stations and handsets.

The solution

Clear ICT advised 247TailorSteel to opt for the Gigaset N720 IP PRO DECT. This access point supports up to eight simultaneous calls and offers seamless handover and roaming. This means that calls do not drop when the user switches to another access point. Thanks to Power over Ethernet 247TailorSteel did not need separate power outlets. The Gigaset S650H PRO was best choice as far as handsets were concerned. This device has a 1,8-inch colour screen and illuminated keys, as well as a robust and scratch-free casing. Employees profit from twelve hours of calling time and HD sound quality.

The advantages

According to Rick van den Bovenkamp at Clear ICT the choice for Gigaset pro has provided several advantages. “First of all, the Gigaset pro base stations and handsets deliver excellent results in a challenging environment. In 247Tailor Steel’s manufacturing halls, there is much potential noise because of all the metal processing that takes place. Still, the voice quality in the halls is excellent. Also, the Gigaset pro handsets are exceptionally well-suited for manufacturing environments as they can take a punch. In addition, they are attractively priced, compared to other brands. And the Gigaset pro products are easily compatible with other components of the telephony system – everything can be installed without a problem. 247TailorSteel now has a cost-effective and stable system in place.”

The conclusion

With its new telecommunications network, 247TailorSteel underlines its innovative ambitions and ensures optimum communications across the company. This helps to achieve their ambitions in terms of accessibility. Customers can reach 247Tailorsteel 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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