For you, as a service

Your competitors are not standing still. Whoever wants to continue to innovate in the market, should invest in the infrastructure of their business. The question that arises: buy or finance? With our lease offers the answer is simple meaning that your capital that can be invested elsewhere, in employees or additional premises, for example.

Gigaset pro has put a range of possibilities together to finance your new equipment. The service is available exclusively through our authorized resellers and fully implemented by our Solution Partner in Finance. 

If you decide to lease, just tell your authorized reseller. He can help you decide about the benefits of leasing, while you decide which products you purchase. It does not matter whether it is small or large investment. Purchases as little as five hundred euro will be financed.

Leasing, exclusively through your Gigaset pro Partner

Your authorized reseller will be responsible for the whole process and will prepare the lease request *, and will still be your contact for service, guarantees, etc. Our Solution Partner in Finance will be in the background. You will receive a lease from your authorized reseller. After your sign he will deliver the products and services for the duration of the lease term. When the contract expires, you can decide whether you take the equipment, return it or extend the term.

You have direct access to your contracts in the customer portal, you can manage these simply and transparently. Here you will find all the information about your contracts, such as the duration, monthly amounts, contract numbers and the type of contract. Also, you can see all relevant documents for print or download.

Leasing is becoming increasingly popular. For many companies leasing is an integral part of their financing strategy. But what advantages are there and is leasing for our customers profitable?

It helps to maintain liquidity

Lease saves equity and strengthens the credit against the bank, as high-performing ICT equipment has its price. Leasing on the other hand, has no impact on your credit with financial services. The devices remain the property of the leasing company so that - unlike sale - the ratio between equity and balance sheet and between equity and investment capital does not change to your detriment. Bottom line, this means that you, using the latest technology, while improving your credit rating and balance sheet figures - and hence the rating of your company

Certainty in terms of planning

Leasing innovative ICT equipment pays off. The reason: you only pay when the technology in your company is paying. Instead of high purchase costs that you need to earn back time and time again, you pay regular lease payments - with yields achieved through the use of the equipment for one. To expand direct investment possibilities. In addition to the pay-as-you-earn-benefit you also have security in planning. The constant lease payments are fixed calculable expenses in your business planning.

Increased investment
at an earlier time

Low limits replace high sale prices. For a successful business, you must therefore continually invest in modern technology, many devices are obsolete before they pay for themselves. The solution: the leasing offer for our Solution Partner in Finance. The small monthly installments are investing in new technology at the desired time. To remain ahead of the competition.


Want to stay technologically up to date, you can always renew your equipment and extend your lease. Contact your authorized reseller to discuss the terms.



* This Leasing Service is only available in the Netherlands and Dutch exclusively for certified resellers and their end customers