Intelligent hotel solutions

Make your hotel smart

In today’s world, digitalisation is a standard in the modern home, an indispensable tool in business. For the hotel industry, there are an array of possibilities. Gigaset pro and Betterspace GmbH* offer a complete package of products, iQ solutions and services to make your hotel smarter. 

This approach focuses on the hotelier, and their guests at every step of the way. Developed in close cooperation with hoteliers, our iQ solutions are designed to reduce costs, increase revenue and ensure your guests leave your hotels smiling.

Our hotel optimisation iQ solutions automate processes and increase efficiency, allowing your guests to conveniently take advantage of hotel services from the comfort of their rooms and allowing you to reach your guests directly.

The ingenious evolution of the digital guest directory

With the Maxwell 10S, guests can enjoy persistent access to the internet, radio, games and live information. And, of course, it can be used as a phone too!

The Maxwell 10S offers diversity in one device, combining the best characteristics of a digital guest directory with those of an in-room telephone. It offers...

  • Increased revenue & quickly accessible ROI
  • Increased guest satisfaction
  • Future-proof VoIP/SIP technology
  • Digital travel guides
  • Advertisements for hotel offers
  • Relief for your hotel staff
  • Intuitive handling
  • round-the-clock content updating

Integration with Gigaset pro devices

In every hallway, office and meeting room, Gigaset pro devices will support all of your guests’ communication needs. Calls to reception, security, room service and even secure business calls are all possible with our multi-purpose devices. Gigaset Maxwell desktop phones and Gigaset cordless handsets, in combination with the Multi-cell base stations, are high quality, easy to use, and compatible with many third party cloud or on-premise PBX offerings.

The iQ software from Betterspace integrates the communication platform to your own PMS-system. The Maxwell 10S with its large 10” touchscreen runs the Betterspace app within the solution, to offer you plenty of sales, cost-saving opportunities and closer contact with your guests.

Great for you and your guests

With our Maxwell 10S you will receive a perfectly organised infotainment centre for your hotel rooms. But the best thing about it is that you can easily update all information, data and notifications with just a few clicks; no more weekly exchanges of TV magazines in each room, no lost orders and no unnecessary printing costs for keeping your guest directories up to date.

It’s that easy. The Maxwell 10s serves as your sales manager, marketing support and even operates as a travel guide and concierge. It's on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, taking care of all your guests’ wishes, big and small, without ever needing a break.

More information, entertainment and fun

With our Maxwell 10S you will receive an innovative infotainment centre for each guest in his or her room. Whether listening to the radio, checking the news or playing some solitaire, the Maxwell 10S leaves no wish unfulfilled.

This combination of entertainment and information promises to not only be popular with your smaller guests, adults can find out all about your hotel, your offers and the local area. Guests are spared searching the web for critical information, but can be delivered bespoke and relevant information, tailored to their needs by you. 

Self-financing solution

This combination of a digital guest directory and a telephone could mean a clear cost reduction for your hotel. You can increase your overall revenues, as well as your revenue per guest, with pinpoint promotion of hotel offers. Printing costs for keeping brochures and hotel information up to date are no longer necessary and because your guests can easily cancel the daily room cleaning service, cleaning costs are also reduced. 

These opportunities for greater revenues and smaller operational costs make the Maxwell 10S self-financing.  Taking advantage of these advertising opportunities, which the Maxwell 10S offers, can lower those costs even faster. 

Betterspace GmbH

Digitisation offers a wide spectrum of application possibilities throughout the hotel industry. Betterspace GmbH is a German company focusing fully on these digital opportunities. Their primary goal is not only to point them out but to help hotels realise those possibilities in their digital transformation. They are the trusted contact for hotels in all matters regarding digitisation and want to help you simplify your life as a hotelier – in close cooperation with Gigaset pro. Together, we offer economically meaningful and technically sophisticated products that inspire. 



* This service is available in selected countries only. For information on the service / solution for you as hotel owner or a dealership, get in contact to us via the contact form and we will be in contact shortly.