Large Businesses

Larger businesses with more than 250 employees

Larger organisations often need a mix of fixed and flexible workspaces for agile employees with laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

In some cases, these enterprises will need to connect branch offices and other remote workers into the corporate telecommunication network. Larger organisations often focus on decentralization of their employees which is increasingly enabled by cloud based communication including high quality in-house mobility solutions. This approach requires IP-based telephony that is able to integrate a diverse range of communication technologies.

With this adoption of IP comes the ability to seamlessly connect critical lines of business applications within a scalable and unified communication strategy.

Benefits for large business

Gigaset pro

Larger organisations across a single site or multiple locations can benefit from flexible Gigaset pro systems able to accommodate the different working practices of staff and key business roles.

Gigaset pro offers end user devices allowing employees to use any combination of IP desktop and cordless phones (IP DECT) with both 3rd party on-premise systems and cloud based telephony solutions. Cordless communication based on IP DECT ensures digital quality audio across an entire site enabling mobility even where smartphones cellular network coverage is unreliable. Our expert teams together with our international partner network can advise and help deliver the best solution for your unique environment from the receptionist desk all the way to the boardroom with communication tools to let your employees carry on with business.

Industry standard technology

Gigaset pro desktop and cordless phones and telephone systems – including CTI - adhere to industry standards such as IP and SIP to ensure seamless compatibility with leading on-premise IP telephony solutions and cloud based telephony service providers.

Feature accessibility

Our flexibility allows larger businesses to easily configure each Gigaset pro device to access the key features offered by any telephony service and adapt quickly as needs evolve.

Application integration

Our end point devices and systems offer built in support for a wide range of features including the ability to make calls directly from Outlook and consistent integration with a wide variety of industry leading database and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software applications

Supported by an expert partner community

Gigaset pro partner network provides highly trained and qualified partners ready to help you to find and implement the right telephony solution to meet business drivers such as international expansion, cost reduction and improved efficiency.