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Statement on the press release of the Fraunhofer SIT on the topic "Vulnerabilities in VoIP telephones"

The Fraunhofer Institute published on 14th August a press release on security gaps in VoIP phones. A Gigaset product was also mentioned. For example, the Fraunhofer SIT has found security vulnerabilities in the IP desktop phone Maxwell Basic with the older SW version 2.22.7. Gigaset Communications GmbH comments on this:

The increasing interconnectivity of hardware in times of cloud computing, unified communications, and the Internet of Things requires companies to continuously check and update products on the software side. At Gigaset, this takes place continuously for all products.

The publication of the Fraunhofer SIT study was immediately taken as an opportunity to provide the software update for the entire Maxwell family in a timely manner for customers. Firmware 3.15.9 closes all known vulnerabilities, as well as those addressed by Fraunhofer SIT. Customers will find the latest update on our wiki: Maxwell 2,3 and Basic and for the Maxwell 4.

All networked Gigaset products are regularly supplied with new software over the years. For complex software products, external investigations and insights can help to point out security gaps. Gigaset therefore explicitly appreciates the information provided by Fraunhofer SIT. Potential security vulnerabilities are scrutinized and, if necessary, updates are made available to the customer as quickly as possible. The software goes through extensive manual and automated testing before it is released.