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Great advice: Three reasons why upgrading your legacy telephone systems can benefit your small business

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Small businesses are benefiting from the internet revolution in many ways. The ability to reach more customers through search engine visibility and e-commerce is a huge advantage as are IT systems that help you run your business more effectively. However, telephone systems are often overlooked. Considering the importance of voice communications, you may not appreciate just how much your legacy phone systems is costing you or even how simple changes can offer a number of major benefits that can help you win more business, streamline your working processes and also make the right impression on your customers.

1: Are you using obsolete technology? A switch to digital SIP may save you loads

Many telephone systems older than five years often use standard telephone lines or ISDN, a first generation digital technology. Both of these legacy methods have a relatively high monthly cost and additional charges for making certain types of calls.  In the last few years, a technology called Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) which is based on newer internet signaling allows you to use your broadband connection to make and receive calls. But this doesn’t mean having to use your computer. Instead, you can still use your existing telephone system features and a normal handset with the benefit of call waiting, hold music, redirection and hunt groups to retain that professional communication experience your customers and staff expect!

2: Do you need more information with each call? CRM integration makes your life easier

Small businesses often need to interact with large numbers of customers. And when that phone rings, having to look up a customer’s details can be a time consuming chore. Yet with more people now using personal numbers via mobile phones, it’s easy to upgrade to your phone system to make each callers contact details stored in your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software instantly popup on your computer screen along with all their account details.  The same technology can also aid with automation system allowing for telephone based automated bill payments. For smaller business, these efficiency savings and innovative features can quickly add up to more profits!

3: Could you benefit from working from home? Make your office anywhere!

Teleworking is a growing trend that allows people to perfectly balance home and work life. Yet giving out a personal mobile number to customers is not always wise or professional. The ideal solution is for your work phone number to follow you around, on any device and everywhere. With a modern telephony system, setting up find-me-follow-me capabilities for your calls is easy. Better yet, many systems can integrate with multiple phones around the home with special ring tones so that you always know when a call is for work or personal, even before you pick up!

Our Gigaset pro partner network can help you work out if your telephone system is ready for a change and pick the right solution that fits your small business needs.  Visit out partner page to reach the Gigaset pro partner close to you.