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Gigaset N870 multicell system – a breakthrough in simplicity for resellers and end users

  • created by Michael Anft, Senior Product Manager at Gigaset Professional Solutions
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Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) just celebrated its 25th anniversary and even in the era of smartphones, 4G and 5G networks, more than a billion devices have been sold. And each year a further 100 million are added to this heritage.

These numbers aren’t much of a surprise, since the advantages of DECT are clear. Unlike cellular networks, the technology allows any organisation to deploy and entirely control its own mobile communication network. A network that is designed for HD voice and data, and that is secure, reliable and expandable. In addition, DECT handsets use significantly less power than smartphones, with talk times of up to 18 hours and standby times of up to 8 days between charges. Along with ruggedized units, this makes them ideal for industrial application and outdoor locations, but also office environments of any size. 

The advantages of DECT are exactly the reason that Gigaset is now launching its brand-new DECT IP multicell system N870, which offers scalability for any organisation based on one single hardware product. What are the most important features of the N870? And what are the opportunities for resellers and end users? This blog post answers the most important questions. 

Breakthrough technology 

With the new N870 multicell system, Gigaset has created the most advanced DECT platform that allows seamless scalability, unrivalled reliability and a breakthrough set of security, connectivity and management features that set a new bar for the industry. The N870 multicell system is the first Gigaset platform to act as a base station, DECT Manager and Integrator in one, to allow easier deployment for customers of any size. Since the product is based on the well-known Gigaset Software Architecture, it ensures easy implementation and maximum compatibility with other professional solutions from Gigaset. 

End users: One device for many use cases

With the N870, end users benefit from a single device with the same hardware, software and deployment process to scale from the smallest to largest site. One Gigaset N870 multicell zone can serve a business of up to 250 users while the installation of hundreds of multicell appliances across larger sites – such as factories, hotels, hospitals or warehouse environments – can deliver a DECT communication network serving thousands of staff. This staff can be spread across different floors or buildings, but the product is also suitable for separate sites – i.e. multi-site scenarios in various regions or countries. 

Resellers: Tested and compliant 

For resellers, the N870 multicell is fully SIP compliant and tested with major on-premise PBX and cloud-based telephony providers, including BroadSoft, Starface, Bintec Elmeg, NFON and Swyx. The platform benefits from a single cable with PoE installation, zero touch provisioning and is compatible with all DECT cordless and desktop telephones. In addition, the Gigaset N870 multicell system is the perfect complement to managed telephone service offerings where customers want to take calls away from a desk with absolute reliability. 

In my opinion, DECT offers considerable benefits for both end users and resellers. In other words, the technology is here to stay. And the Gigaset N870 multicell system offers a breakthrough in simplicity to help deliver the next generation of DECT connectivity.