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Made for everyday use

Complete with a host of built-in features including Bluetooth, vibrate and audio profiles, this scratch and office cleaning product resistant handset is ready for business.

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Cordless comfort

Compatibility with over 250 VoIP providers and traditional telephone systems with easy access to corporate and online directories plus email notifications ensures efficient day-to-day usage.

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When working outdoors or in dusty, wet and other harsh locations, the R650H is a perfect companion with its certified IP65 and shock resistant rubber housing making it the ideal tool for all day business use.

  1. Seamless compatibility with Gigaset pro N720 IP Multicell and N510 IP Singlecell systems.
  2. Thick rubber keys for use while wearing gloves with illuminated alert and keypad for low light situations.
  3. HD Audio supporting HDSP™/CAT-IQ 2.0. Hands free talking with excellent audio quality.
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