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Tablet versus Maxwell 10

  • vytvořil Jan Moser, Senior Product Manager Professional Products
  • international news

When you first see our Maxwell 10, you might think it looks just like a tablet. That’s because at Gigaset pro, we always consider use cases for best practices when designing a new product. And if there’s one device that’s user-friendly, it’s a tablet. So yes, the Maxwell 10 looks like a tablet with a handset attached – but it’s much more than that. The differences? Here’s a list.


Tablets are becoming more and more popular, both at home and in business environments. To optimally exploit all of their benefits, an internet connection is essential. Some use cases – business apps, IoT, smart home, cloud sync and data – demand a fixed LAN to offer a secure and stable connection. With the Maxwell 10, which offers both a Wi-Fi and LAN connection, you are ready to go for many appliances in the business environment, wherever you are.


Tablets were developed from a mobile consumer perspective. But over the years, we see tablets remaining mainly in one single place – in one house, or even in one room. The only way you can still recognize the mobile approach that used to be characteristic for tablets, is when you can’t find it after your children used it – or co-workers, when used in a business environment. And this mobile approach has another downside: the battery. To prevent dysfunctionality, many people keep charging their tablets whenever they’re not using them. However, this has consequences for the battery in the long run – and replacing the battery isn’t always possible. Because the Maxwell 10 has no battery but a cord and plug, it’s always ready to use and it’s always at its fixed location. 

Complete solution in various industries

Both tablets and Maxwells can be used as complete solutions, e.g. as a control unit for home automation and security or as a communication solution in a hotel room. Just imagine having a device in your hotel room that you can use to check your e-mail, order room service or a taxi, or even set up a meeting right there and then. But in order to provide a perfect customer experience, these devices need to work perfectly, and without issues. That’s why you will often see them statically on a stand, on a table or mounted on the wall. But then, again, the battery will be an issue. Moreover, these solutions are more reliable when the device uses a fixed internet connection. With a fixed line and a fixed plug, the Maxwell 10 solves both these issues, making it the perfect communication solution for the hotel industry or smart homes.

Make work more convenient

Android devices are renowned for the ability to add apps of your choice to easily personalize them for individual use. That makes them very flexible. Most fixed telephones, which use proprietary systems, do not offer these kinds of possibilities at all. That’s why the Maxwell 10 is Android-based. By default, the device includes apps that we think are vital in business environments. Other apps can easily be added via Google Play. This means it’s no longer necessary to ask external service providers to add a certain app or function. And the applications work exactly the same as on your smartphone or tablet, which makes the system very easy to use.


Let’s not forget why the Maxwell 10 was designed in the first place and what Gigaset pro is renowned for: telephony. Tablets are often used for (video) calling, for example via Skype. Convenient, because wherever you are, you can join Skype calls at any moment from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. But it’s not always practical – not all tablets come with standard, and great voice quality is not always a given. The Maxwell 10 on the other hand, not only has the ability to use Skype and other communication apps, but also has a fully integrated telephony function. With or without (DECT) headset or handset. Moreover, the Maxwell is conference room-ready, equipped with an advanced free speaking system and video camera, and the ability to connect the screen to a beamer. This makes the Maxwell 10 the preferred solution in work environments. That is because we design our products based on use cases. Beforehand, we decide what we want in a device, and we determine how a new device fits into the Gigaset family. An example of this is the ability to attach the handset of our Maxwell 10 both to the left and to the right side of the device. A very small and very simple idea, yet very useful. 

Long story short: the Maxwell 10 has every function you would (also) expect from a tablet, such as apps and video calling. But the Maxwell 10 offers even more, such as a fully integrated telephony function with a high quality sound system. And the fact that the Maxwell might be less mobile than a tablet, can only be seen as an advantage in business environments. This way, you won’t be able to lose it. On top of that, wireless connection problems or dead batteries are also history. Simply mount your Maxwell to the wall with the available wall mount kits, connect it to the fixed line and plug it into an outlet. All of this combined makes it safe to say that the Maxwell 10 is a device, not a gadget.